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Performance Solutions for the Wine Industry

Our consulting, workshops, training and mentoring programs will help you to build a better wine business. View our full list of services below, or for more information please contact us.

Business Analysis & Strategic Planning

We all need to know where we’re going, how we’re going to get there and how much it’s going to cost. Our Business Analysis & Strategic Planning services help wine business owners find the answers to these fundamental questions.

Our services are designed to be delivered flexibly and include:

Business Strategic Review
Strategic Planning Facilitation
Business Plan Preparation
Action Planning & Coaching
Business Analysis & Strategic Planning

Sales & Marketing Performance Enhancement

“Nothing builds your business faster than strong, uniquely positioned brands. Great global brand positioning leverages each customer contact in every market strengthening your brand in all markets”.

Principal, Peter McAtamney, has helped formulate global strategy for some of the worlds most successful wine brands including Freixenet and Wine Marlborough.

With over 25 years sales and marketing experience including 11 years managing global markets, WBS can help you optimise your sales through helping you make the right sales and marketing decisions.

Global Brand Positioning
Brand Strategy & Planning
Distribution Channel Management Support
Sales & Marketing Support & Training
Sales & Marketing Performance Enhancement


Wine Business Solutions frequently gets asked to assist with brand identity projects.

Whilst we work with designers across Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, we’ve found that Tardis Design have consistently delivered the highest quality of work when it comes to capturing the essence of the brand message and presenting it in a way that will have maximum appeal to its chosen audience.

Download examples of our work here in our “Branding Brochure”.

Growth Management & Succession Planning

“After choosing to establish a business, the next most important question is what and how much to grow. Growth for growth’s sake can tie up cash and resources often with little benefit to the business owner”.

Wine Business Solutions has successfully carried out many strategic business reviews for clients across Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Through the use of standardised interview techniques and common analytical frameworks, WBS has been able to consistently develop highly innovative solutions to this most important of questions.

Growth Path Planning
Obtaining Financing for Growth
Succession Planning
Financial Mentoring
Growth Management & Succession Planning

Business Intelligence

A business strategy is only ever as good as its information inputs. Successfully communicating information across (and outside) your organisation will greatly improve understanding.

The right management information delivered to the right people, at the right time and presented in the right way is a genuine source of competitive advantage.

Our Business Intelligence services will help you develop enhanced insight and understanding as a core business strength:

Business Intelligence Review
Information Needs Analysis
Information Dissemination Design
Business Performance Reports
Business Intelligence

Mergers & Acquisitions

Well thought out strategic acquisitions can successfully grow your business. Paying the right price relies heavily upon understanding the true value of assets such as inventory, brands and management. This requires a level of understanding not normally processed by industry outsiders.

WBS has been involved in transactions and acquisition analysis of winery targets around the world for over 20 years. We have a peerless wine industry network and associates who can help with all aspects of your proposed merger or acquisitions.

Recent Transactions

WBS project managed the sale of Clairault Wines, Margaret River. The process involved managing all aspects of the sale including IM development, sale agent selection and contacting WBS’s comprehensive network of potential acquirers.

WBS advised on the Merger of two large South African producer cellars – Wamakersvallei and Wellington. Selling of the benefits of the merger to stakeholders helped bring to successful conclusion decades of discussion.

WBS Principal, Peter McAtamney led the acquisition of the Wingara Group by Freixenet. Most of Australia and New Zealand’s leading wine companies were evaluated as part of this process.

Education & Training

Education and training is an essential component of turning strategy into action. Ensuring that key staff are appropriately skilled and share a common understanding of the commercial realities of operating a wine business.

Our Education & Training services focus on delivering quality executive-level education around our specialist areas of:

Financial Literacy
Sales & Marketing
Growth Management
Education & Training

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