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The Chinese On-Premise Market for Wine

In partnership with ‘China’s Wine List of the Year Awards’ we have just released the first ever research into the Chinese On-Premise market.

The report looks at;

  • who the best distributors are,
  • what the most listed wine brands and styles are,
  • the performance of supplier countries and regions,
  • what participating restaurants charge for wine listed by-the-bottle and by-the-glass, and
  • how much wine business owners and distributors can expect to make from On-Premise sales.

In terms of the most successful countries, France has listings in line with its share imports.

Italy only has a 6% share of total imports but an 18% share of wine listings.

Australia, third overall, has 27% of imports and only 11% of listings. That, however, is a large improvement on how Australia performs in other markets. Australia has just 6% of listings in the UK and 1% in the US.

New Zealand on the other hand, represents just 1% of imports but is the 4th most successful supplier country to the premium On-Premise.

The US is also doing a good early stage job of setting its brand up for growth, listing most of its most prestigious names. It, therefore, has much to lose if the trade war with China continues.

36,000 listings were used and all key markets including Hong Kong and Macau were examined.

The 88 page report feature almost 100 charts and diagrams covering almost every aspect of wine sales in the Chinese On-Trade.

As the On-Premise is estimated to be the final point of consumption for around two thirds of China’s 200 Million case market (according to Torres China), this is a must have insight for anyone contemplating or currently doing business in China

To purchase the report, follow this link

Or for more information contact [email protected]

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