The World’s Best Wine Brands

Your brand is everything. It’s the only thing standing between your intended success and being traded as a commodity. So, even if you are not particularly enamoured with financial management, sales and marketing (and I bundle those three ideas together most deliberately) management of your brand’s strategy and your resulting brand equity is the single most important thing to be doing for any wine business.

If you are completely quality obsessed, won’t your resulting product create its own following, word of mouth, online buzz and reputation? Well, yes, of course. But if you don’t gain control of the front end of your business, price correctly, pick the right paths to market and manage channel partners optimally, you won’t have the funds either to compete effectively or to invest in making that product the best it can be.

After doing a phone poll of some of our best clients about the biggest challenges / opportunities they face looking forward to the year ahead, it shouldn’t have been surprising to hear consistently that managing brands and navigating them through fast changing paths to market, is the single biggest concern for even the very most successful wine businesses that we deal with.

That is why we have focused the latest Wine Paper 53 ‘on brand’ As well as discussing how to build world class wine brands, we’ll take a look at what the world’s best wine brands are. Follow this link to continue reading

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